BJP-18 Temple of Heaven,White Cloud Taoist Temple,China Millennium Monument

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BJP-18 Temple of Heaven,White Cloud Taoist Temple,China Millennium Monument 
Tour Code: BJP-18                 

Duration: about 7 hours

Tour Description:
The Temple of Heaven needs little introduction - its likeliness is featured on most guide books' cover. The round temple and the round altar were once the imperial worshipping ground where emperors came every winter solstice to relate their "job performance" in the past year to Heaven and pray for its benevolence in the coming year.

Our next destination - White Cloud Taoist Temple was originally built on the site of a burnt down Tang-era Taoist recluse by order of Genghis Khan who by then had conquered Beijing and is to make it the capital city of his gargantuan empire in later years. Story has it that the Khan sought advice from the Taoist master Qiu Chuangchun on his rule and longevity and was so impressed with the taoist that he invited him to reside in the newly built White Cloud.
Nowadays the site is a popular outing destination for the locals. Take part in some of the activities (finding the hidden good-luck monkeys on the front arches; throwing coins at the gong under the bridges and parent-child birth celestial/zodiacs wall etc.) yourself, or watch the locals go at it with earnesty.

Our last stop is the China Millenium Monument, built to welcome in the (past) new millenium. Fulll of modern symbolism both in its architecture and the murals on many of its exterior and interior surfaces, it is an nationalism-charged "artwork" that'd be interesting to decipher.

Service Included:  
1.Hotel pick-up and drop-off.
2.Entrance fees and lunch as mentioned.
3.Private vehicle with English speaking guide for Transfers & sightseeing.

Tour Exclusions:
Accommodations, Airfare, Tips and items not indicated in the itineraries.

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Temple of Heaven, White Cloud Taoist Temple, China Millennium Monument









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