BJP-22 Yunju Temple,Ruins of Western Zhou,Site of Peking Man

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BJP-22 Yunju Temple,Ruins of Western Zhou,Site of Peking Man
Tour Code: BJP-22                 

Duration: about 8 hours

Tour Description:
We will begin with the relatively "new" of the three sites - the 1,500-year old Yunju Temple. Built in the Sui dynasty by a Buddhist monk Jingwan, the temple's North Pagoda along with 14,278 pieces of stone sutras inside the temple has miraculously survived all one and half millenium's worth of warfares and natural disasters. The sutras in particular are of extremely high value as the 17 million Chinese characters inscribed on them relate not only to religion but to a wide range of subjects - politics, history, culture, economy etc. It has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Our minivan will then take us to Liuhe Village, where the ruins of the state of Yan's capital were first excavated in the 1970s. Yan was one of the original dukedoms under the Kingdom of Zhou (1122BC - 256BC), and one of the last kingdoms (after Zhou royal family lost its grip on power) to be vanquished by the First Emperor of Qin, whose brutal centralization drives effectively ended the true feudal period in Chinese history. You do not have to be a Chinese history buff to explore the area, though having some sort of knowledge about that remote past will help to create that emotional connection vital to a complete experience of this historic site.

Our last stop brings us from the dawn of civilization to the prehistoric man. The site of Peking Man, Zhoukoudian, has yielded many archeological finds including fossil remains of some 40 homo erectus individuals (Peking Man) and stone tools. The oldest of these dates back 500,000 years. The on site museum contains many of those finds with informative descriptions.

Service Included:  
1.Hotel pick-up and drop-off.
2.Entrance fees and lunch as mentioned.
3.Private vehicle with English speaking guide for Transfers & sightseeing.

Tour Exclusions:
Accommodations, Airfare, Tips and items not indicated in the itineraries.

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Yunju Temple, Ruins of Western Zhou, Site of Peking Man









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