BJP-27 Beijing Fengtai District

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BJP-27 Beijing Fengtai District
Tour Code: BJP-27
Tour Description :
First, we drive to Beijing Liao Jin City Wall Museum. It is a national-level museum under the control of the central government of China. The museum provides an ancient watergate during Great Jin Empire which confronted Southern Song Dynasty for about 100 years. Also, the ancient ruins and unearthed cultural relics in it leave us a space for imagining the life in Liao and Jin. After that, we move to the Museum of the Dabaotai (Beijing Dabaotai Xi Han Dynasty Tomb Museum), an imperial burial site. It was first constructed over 2000 years ago in the place of the underground palace of Liu Jian (73 B.C. to 45 B.C.), who was the Guanyanqing Feudal Prince in the Western Han Dynasty. Its main contents on show cover the underground site, unearthed culture relics and Exhibition of China Mausoleums of the Emperors in various Dynasties. Afterwards, we drive to Lugouqiao Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall which commemorates the Lugouqiao Incident that broke out on July 7, 1937 when Japan started the war against China and also marks the victory of anti-Japanese war. It is located next to Marco Polo Bridge (Lugouqiao) that dates from the Liao Dynasty (911-1125), one of the oldest bridges in the world. The fact that the famed Venetian explorer visited the site at 13th century offers the reason of its name. Spanning a dry river bed, the bridge is entirely of stone, without the benefit of mortar.
Duration: about 10 hours

Service Included:  
1.Hotel pick-up and drop-off.
2.Entrance fees and lunch as mentioned.
3.Private vehicle with English speaking guide for Transfers & sightseeing.

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Dabaotai Tomb and Lugou-Bridge









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