Tanzhe Temple 潭柘寺

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Tanzhe Temple: 

The Pool and Cudrania Temple, or Tanzhe Si, is situated 45 kilometers west of the city. The Chinese have a centuries old proverb; "First there was the Pool and Cudrania Temple, then came Beijing". This structure dates back 1,600 years to the Jin Dynasty, when it was known as the Temple of Auspicious Fortune. During the Tang Dynasty the grounds were expanded and renamed the Dragon Spring Temple. But Tanzhe Si has been colloquially known as the Pool and Cudrania Temple because of the lovely Dragon Pool and cudrania trees located on the hill behind the temple. During the Ming and Qing dynasties renovation work took place; the temple was built into the landscape and laid out in a beautiful setting. In front of the gate are ancient pines that are believed to be several hundred years old. Several groups of buildings stand on the terrace, each one higher than the other. Their distribution is symmetrical, which is typical of Ming temple architecture.

Address: Tanzhe Mountain, Mentougou District, Beijing
Tel: 86 10 6086 2500
Opening hours: Daily (8:00 – 17:00)
How to Get There: Bus/Subway: 307, 326, 336 and get off at Hetan station, change to a long distance bus or 931


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